Race Platform – Terms & Conditions

1. General 

  1. UP! International AB, (Organization number 559062-3913 ("")) provides a digital platform for you as a registered member ("Member"), and organizers of sports events ("Organizer"), through the website ("Website"), where you as a member can register your training and register for various types of sports events organized by the Organizer (the "Events"). also provides training statistics, information about your results from various Events, Event Statistics, and Personalized Offers on Events, Services, and Products related to an Event.
  2. In order to register on the Website and use's Services, you must agree to these General Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). You are hereby deemed to have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to follow them as set out below.

2. in relation to the Organizer

  1.'s services consist of providing general information about Events on the Website, registering Event registrations and receiving registration fees for Events. also offers members free participation in the community, access to the paceUP! apps, and training statistics through MYPAGES.
  2. Regarding the Event, acts only as agent between the Member and the responsible Organizer. Any questions relating to the implementation of, or participation in, an Event shall therefore be addressed directly to the responsible Organizer.
  3. The organizer is entitled to set up his / her own conditions for participation in an Event, which then applies in addition to these General Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Organizer's own terms are displayed via the Organizers page ("Organizer Page") available through the Website, either directly on the Organizer Page or through link reference to another Website. 

3. Registration to Events 

  1. shall register the Member to the specific Event, which the Member signs up for through the Website.
  2. By signing up for an Event, Member approves any terms and conditions set by the Responsible Organizer as set forth in Section 2.4 for the specific Event. A member is therefore assumed to have taken part of the Organizer's own conditions for the event before he / she completes the registration to the event. 

4. Registration fee 

  1. For participation in an Event, the Member will pay the registration fee applicable to the Event ("Application fee").
  2. Payment according to clause 4.1 shall be made by any of the payment methods that offers and approves at any time.
  3. The registration fee is determined by the Organizer and is displayed on the Organizer Page or by linking from the Organizer Page to another website.
  4. As part of the Registration fee, charges an administrative fee. The fee is included in the Registration fee.
  5. The Member is notified of an Event and added to the Event group when has received a current Registration fee. The registration will be confirmed by email to the e-mail address specified by the Member in accordance with section 7.2. 

5. Refund of registration fee 

  1. The right of withdrawal according to the law (2005: 59) on distance agreements outside business premises, does not apply to registration for sporting events. Reimbursement of the Registration Fee can therefore only be made if it is in accordance with the Event Organizer's own Terms & Conditions for the Event. The right to reimbursement of the Registration Fee therefore exists only if has been given a special assignment by the responsible Organizer to reimburse the Registration Fee.
  2. The Member must make the request for reimbursement of the Registration Fee directly to the Organizer, who then notifies that the reimbursement shall be made.
  3. Reimbursement of the Registration Fee is refunded to the account that was used for payment of the Registration Fee. 

6.'s liability against Member 

  1. has no responsibility for the performance of an Event. All requirements relating to Events should therefore be directed directly to the responsible Organizer.

7. The Community 

  1. Members registering through the Website participate free of charge in the Community.
  2. In order to register, the first and last name, username, password and e-mail address are required.
  3. Member is responsible for not providing false information about him/herself or registering under false identity and for keeping information under 7.2 continuously updated.
  4. Member of the community may: voluntary upload their own user profile ("Profile") and content (such as training data, text and photos), save their tasks (such as date of birth, height, weight) and on their own or in conjunction with other Members, submit comments and reviews about various Events and Members, View other Members Profiles, Contact Other Members, View Other Members Profiles, and Store Personal Information in order to make personally-adapted searches.
  5. The Member is responsible for the photos, texts, comments, videos, audio files, information or other material posted by the Member on the Profile and the Member must have the permissions and approvals required for publication. This also applies to materials provided by Member through link reference from the Profile.
  6. The Member commits not to publish inappropriate material or material that infringes other additional rights on the Profile. A member further agrees that in all activities within the community, to not threaten, violate or otherwise attempt to sue against another Member within the Community.
  7. do not claim ownership of the content that a Member publishes on his Profile. However, a member grants the right to use the content posted on the Profile for the purposes stated in's Privacy Policy.
  8.'s services may be supported by advertising revenue and prompt advertising and promotions on the Website and Community. As a Member, you agree that will display ads or campaigns related to your content without prior information about the design of the ads or campaign content.

8. Intellectual Property Rights 

  1. All material, e.g. data, images, tables, charts and text published by or others on the Website, and the Organizer Page may be protected by intellectual property, such as copyright, design rights or trademark law. Copying, dissemination and modification of such material, in whole or in part, may therefore be unauthorized without written permission from or any other party to which the intellectual property right is attributable.
  2. Members may not publish, reproduce or link to the Profile, making available materials such as images, tables, charts, or text in a way that infringes someone else's intellectual property rights. Member may not use any such material from the Profile or Web Site in any manner that infringes anyone's intellectual property rights. 

9. Personal Data 

  1. In order to be able to agree to these Terms and Conditions, the Member confirms that the Member has taken part of's Privacy Policy and hereby consents to the personal data processing described therein.
  2. Members will be informed of any changes to the Privacy Policy by email to the e-mail address specified by the Member in accordance with section 7.2. To the extent that Member consent is required for the processing of personal data, this will be particularly requested. 

10. Contract breach

  1. If any of the parties intentionally or grossly negligently violate a provision in these General Terms and Conditions, the party to the contract shall compensate the counterpart for the direct damage that arises.
  2. If is prevented from fulfilling obligations under this Agreement due to maintenance, updating or the like on the Site, this does not constitute a breach of contract according to item 10.1 The same applies if is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement due to computer haulage, power failure, public communications interruption or other circumstances beyond's control. A member is in these situations referred contact the responsible organizer.
  3.'s liability in accordance with item 10.1 is only applicable if's breach of contract has resulted in a Member having not been able to attend an Event, and thus limits itself to the registration fee paid by the Member for the current Event.
  4. If a Member violates these Terms and Conditions, is entitled, with immediate effect, temporarily or permanently to suspend Member from the Community and temporarily or permanently block Member Profile and / or delete the content contained in the Profile.

11. Force Majeure

  1. Neither, the participant or the race organizer shall be held responsible for a force majeure event. Force majeure means any event which is unforeseen and beyond the reasonable control of either party including but not limited to the following: Act of God, adverse weather, inevitable accident, failure or shortage of power supplies, fire, flood, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, lightning, war or armed conflict, embargo, government or regulatory action or decree, riot or civil disturbance, strike, lock-outs, or other industrial action, terrorist action, failure or delay of common carrier or impairment or lack of adequate transportation facilities.
  2. If by reason of any force majeure event the race organizer is delayed in, or prevented from, performing any of the obligations with regards to staging the race, no loss or damage shall be claimed by the participant, to or the organizer, by reason thereof.

12. Terms of appointment 

  1. Member agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions by registering on the Website, after which Member will receive confirmation of this by email to the email address specified by the member as specified in 7.2.
  2. The term of the agreement is effective until the Member him/herself delists on the Site and terminates his/her membership in the Community, or, in accordance with a special notice to the Member, unsubscribes a Member of the Site or terminates the membership of the Community. 

13. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions 

  1. reserves the right (independently) to change these Terms and Conditions. will inform you of the change in a timely manner before it comes into effect by publishing it on the Website and / or notifying the change by email to the email address specified by the Member in accordance with section 7.2.
  2. If a Member continues to be a Member in accordance with the first date of validity of the changed terms or after the changes apply in any other way that has previously informed, Member agrees to comply with the changed terms.

14. Dispute resolution, applicable law, etc. 

  1. Disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions shall be settled by Swedish court and with the application of Swedish law.
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